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HMC Solutions announced it has reached agreements with Allied Conveyors Ltd. and Railex Corp. to produce custom overhead conveyors for its automated systems. North Little Rock, Ark.-based HMC produces Fetch! 24/7 kiosks and ADAC automated-assembly systems.
“We use an overhead conveyor as a large component of each of our systems,” said Tony Cassady, HMC Solutions’ CEO. “We now have two suppliers who will partner with us to provide conveyors not only designed to meet the requirements of both systems, but also offer advantages over anything else available on the market.”
HMC Solutions picked Railex conveyors for use with ADAC systems for their durability and flexibility, the company said. “In the past, to adjust the height of our conveyors we had to special-order the length of the legs, but with Railex conveyors, we can adjust the height very easily,” Cassady said. “At the same time, Railex provides a more physically stable conveyor due to its higher rigidity. They’re proven and give us improved safety of operation and appearance.”
Ontario-based Allied will produce a conveyor based on its enclosed-track All-Flex Monoveyor to be used primarily with the Fetch! system, and optionally with the ADAC system. Allied conveyors offer safety and flexibility even in tight spaces, according to HMC. “The Allied All-Flex conveyor is more configurable to fit in odd spaces,” Cassady said. “These features may not be important to most ADAC customers, but we now have options for those customers who do need them.”
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