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Helping Front Line Responders with Free Cleaning

OXXO Care Cleaners honored to be able to help healthcare professionals and first responders

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — OXXO® Care Cleaners reports it now offers help to first responder and healthcare professional customers in participating South Florida stores, and across the U.S., with free drycleaning and laundry services, including 24-7 drop-off and pick-up or free pick-up and delivery.

“All of us at OXXO are immensely grateful to everyone in the healthcare industry working so hard to get us through this difficult time,” says Salomón Mishaan, OXXO president and CEO.

“First responders, meaning everyone from ambulance paramedics to hospital service workers, need every bit of help we can give them. We are honored to be in a position to help make these people’s lives a tiny bit easier during this heartbreaking period with COVID-19,” says Mishaan.

Its stores, the company notes, as essential services, are still open and operating, serving customers across South Florida and the U.S. OXXO is working on a reduced schedule, however, and notes: “At present, our turnaround time for laundry and dry cleaning remains two days. Depending on demand, we may need to modify turnaround time to three to four days,” it relates.

For years, this firm has made “We Care” the company motto, it points out. “There has never been a better time for the company to prove the depth of this feeling.”

The company notes it wants participating locations to extend this offer to members of their communities who work in professions such as: paramedics, police officers, firefighters, military personnel, all certified first responders, and all healthcare professionals.

OXXO says it, “Wants to take care of clothes without risk to our employees. To help with this, first responders and healthcare professional should bring their clothes in plastic bags separated and labeled as dry cleaning and laundry. This will allow easier, safer handling of garments.”

The company notes that it will be using ozone treatment in this garment processing to achieve the highest possible levels of cleanliness and sterilization.

The firm’s stores participating in the first-responder/healthcare professional offer include stores in: Hollywood, Fla., Boca Raton, Fla., Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., West Palm Beach, Fla, and in Connecticut, New Jersey and Texas. Additionally all Mr. Locker locations in Miami are participating. Mr. Locker is an OXXO affiliate, the company notes.