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IWA and DLI support Go Fund Me for fabricare; moneys to be distributed Oct. 15

SMITHTOWN, N.Y. — Irving Weber Associates (IWA), along with the help of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) are calling for help for those needing relief in the wake of the hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast and Florida.

They ask those who can help, to make donations on the IWA-Harvey-Relief-Fabricare Go Fund Me site. The collected moneys will be distributed at the end of the relief campaign, Oct. 15.

IWA writes: “We are hoping your organization can join us in helping dry cleaners and their families who have been affected by hurricanes.

“We are asking your organization to donate as well as send to your members and other contacts an email that we will gladly prepare for you,” the company relates.

“For you involvement,” the firm adds, “we will include your association’s logo in our efforts, as well as announce your involvement on all our social media websites: Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and Twitter.”

IWA further states that: “We hope you can join us in our effort to help our industry partners affected by the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and up the coast.

“Many dry cleaners were affected, not just in their businesses, but also in their personal life. Many of them are not able to carry flood insurance, and therefore, are not going to be covered for their losses.”

In some cases, the company indicates, business owners are facing the possibility of closing their businesses completely because they simply can’t rebuild.

IWA, along with DLI, have opened this relief fund to help dry cleaners and their families who have been affected.

“During difficult times like this, it’s not about customers or members,” they write, “it is about being there for our industry fellows. Although we can’t help everyone, we want to do our best to help our industry companions. Therefore, beneficiaries of the funds do not need to be customers of IWA or members of DLI.”

They add that: “If you, or someone you know, is suffering due to the hurricanes, please let IWA know, and we will include them in the list. So far we have collected close to $10,000, but we are hoping for much more, as so many have been affected. Feel free to pass our message along.”

They close with this remark: “Can you imagine how many business owners we could help if other dry cleaners and industry partners across the United States each contributed $20?”

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