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Hangers a New Option in Advertising, WSJ Reports

NEW YORK — The Wall Street Journal reports today that marketers anxious to tap consumers in new ways are turning to ads printed on hangers, spotlighting the Hanger Network and the recent campaigns employing its cardboard EcoHangers.
The New York-based company offers drycleaners the recycled paperboard hangers free of charge through partner Cleaner’s Supply, preprinted with advertisements from major consumer marketers. Dunkin’ Donuts, AirTran Airways, Van Heusen and other marketers have already used EcoHangers in regional campaigns, with distribution provided by as many as 10,000 drycleaners so far.
Cosmetics giant Revlon will begin using the hangers as part of a $20 million push behind its new Mitchum Smart Solid deodorant next month in the Northeast, WSJ reports. Themed taglines to appear on the hangers include, “You won’t find white residue on a Mitchum Man’s shirt. Chilidog stains are another story.”Wall Street Journal subscribers can read the whole story here.

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