Hangers Makes San Diego 'Fast 100' for Fourth Year in A Row

Ian P. Murphy |

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Hangers Cleaners was recently named one of San Diego’s 100 fastest-growing private companies by the San Diego Business Journal — the fourth consecutive year the operation has made the list.
Hangers Cleaners took No. 38 on the magazine's 2007 list, having experienced a 105% increase in revenues from 2004 to 2006. The operation first made the list in 2004, logging a 200% increase in revenues during the prior three years. In 2005, Hangers placed at No. 28, and in 2006, made No. 57.
Operator Gordon Shaw credits his chain’s unique selling proposition for the high rates of growth. “Being the only CO2 drycleaner in San Diego allows me to offer something no one else presently can,” he says.
“While not everyone is a target customer for my higher-priced CO2 drycleaning, I have no competition for the service I offer. That is what allows me to continue my strong growth with high prices year after year. I plan to make the list several more times as I continue to open more locations.”
Shaw accepted an award recognizing the achievement at a reception held at the rooftop banquet area of the downtown Westgate Hotel last fall. He currently operates four Hangers Cleaners locations in metropolitan San Diego.

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