Half of Stimulus Checks Go Toward Bills

Ian P. Murphy |

More than half (51.7%) of drycleaners say they have applied or will apply their tax-rebate checks to personal bills, according to this month’s Wire survey.
Only 17.2% put the money into savings, while 13.8% said they put their stimulus toward the business. Even fewer (10.3%) respondents said they bought something for themselves or put the money toward a vacation fund (6.9%).
Asked whether the government should issue some kind of stimulus check for small-business owners, four out of five (81.2%) drycleaners answered “Yes.” Some 14.3% said “No,” and 3.6% didn’t know.
If the government did offer a stimulus check solely for  business purposes, 40.0% of respondents again said they would dedicate the money to outstanding bills.
Three in 10 (30.0%) said they would use the money for an equipment purchase, while 20.0% said it would go toward sprucing up the store. Only 6.7% of drycleaners would use the stimulus for maintenance and repairs, and 3.3% would dedicate the money to payroll for a new hire.

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