Half of Operators Report Improved Results in 2007

Ian P. Murphy |

CHICAGO — More than half (52.8%) of drycleaners responding to the most recent Wire survey say that business improved in 2007.
Asked how their plants’ 2007 results compared to 2006 in terms of business, profits and growth, 25% of drycleaners said “Much better,” and 27.8% said “Somewhat better.” One in five (22.2%) said “About the same,” while 19.4% reported “Somewhat worse” results, and 5.6% said “Much worse.”
When asked if these results met expectations for the year, more than a third (36.1%) said that 2007 was “Somewhat worse” than expected. Only 5.6% experienced “Much worse” results than expected, while 16.7% enjoyed “Much better” results and 22.2% “Somewhat better” results than expected. Some 19.4% said results met expectations.
Operators remain optimistic for 2008, however, with more than a quarter (27.8%) of operators expecting business, profits and growth to be “Much better” in the year to come, and another 27.8% “Somewhat better.” One-third (33.3%) of respondents expect 2008 results to be “About the same,” and 11.1% expect “Somewhat worse” results in 2008.
Survey respondents reporting improved results credited a number of factors, including expansion in routes and drop stores, equipment upgrades, “green” positioning and good customer service. “Provide quality service, and even in difficult times, you’ll be okay,” one respondent says.

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