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Google Offers Free Career Courses for Any Company’s Employees

Tech giant providing courses on marketing, tech support and more

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — As technology advances and there are more ways to connect with customers than ever, some dry cleaners are adding staff positions that past generations would never have considered. The demand for team members trained in marketing, data analytics, web and graphic design and more has never been higher, and Google’s recent announcement could help fill that demand.

The company is offering access to its Google Career Certificates training courses to U.S. companies at no cost for up to 500 employees per company. The courses are usually $39 each per month.

“Technology and business are evolving at a rapid pace,” the company stated in the announcement. “With 87% of companies reporting a skills mismatch now or in the near future, workforce needs are quickly changing.At the same time, it’s becoming harder for businesses to attract and retain talent. Those who create growth opportunities for their employees have a much better shot at retaining them.”

Course areas in this offering include digital marketing and e-commerce, IT support, data analytics, project management and more.

Using Google’s online education portal Coursera, the courses offer video-based lessons, assessments and hands-on projects, and learners must complete at least 150 hours of study to receive certification. The programs are self-paced, and Google estimates the online certification programs can be completed within three to six months, with less than 10 hours of flexible study per week.

Google offers participating companies access to a company dashboard to monitor their team members’ process, as well as a program guidebook and email customer service. Those taking the classes can also access customer support and receive full instruction and tips for success after they get started.

The program is open to U.S. companies of any size through Dec. 18, 2024. For more information or to request scholarships, visit the Coursera website.

Google Offers Free Career Courses for Any Company’s Employees

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