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Balancing work and fun: Millennials for the win!

PEMBROKE, Mass. —The Millennial Generation can be a difficult market to crack because there is a lot of diversity within the group.

This is a challenge, but as the saying goes: “One man’s challenge is another’s opportunity.” The Millennial Generation, also called Generation Y, are young adults born between 1980 and 2000. The oldest is 36. The youngest is 16. Obviously, the youngest are still at home and under their parents’ auspices, but in a few years, they will be adults.

A portion in that age group are professionals—hard-working physicians, lawyers, small-business owners, administrators and executives who need to present well. These Millennials are interested in their appearance. In total, this grouping comprises 30% of the adult working population 65 years old or under.

That’s a big demographic, which translates to a lot of business. Millennials are trying to figure out how to work within the system in their own unique way. They’re also frustrated with having to deal with a lot of underemployment/unemployment and high student debt.


Since Millennials have a strong interest in balancing work and personal lives, it would be a good idea to introduce pickup and delivery.

This is probably the best way to catch them and to hold their business. Making them come down to your store is the wrong approach. When soliciting, emphasize that this service will free up time and be more convenient.

Describe the service in terms of its simplicity. Pitch: “If you give us a try, in a short time, the procedure will become automatic. Freeing up an hour every Saturday enables you do what you want to do. That’s freedom.”

You could even suggest that your service include laundry. Pitch the offer this way: “This would free up four hours of work time every week. Instead of doing laundry Thursday night, the two of you could visit friends or go out to a movie.”

Finally, devote some marketing budget to Millennial-focused advertising. Connect with their values. Spend marketing money to target their patronage. Perhaps it’s a local club. Possibly it’s the type of magazine they are reading.

For example, ads in programs for cultural events/musical venues might be the right vehicle. Or then again, it might be the public transportation they ride on. For example, if you figure out that a large number of Millennials travel on a certain subway line both in the morning and the evening, run a subway ad that says that your dry cleaner is the most environmental cleaner in town.

In bullet form, provide reasons. You don’t use non-biodegradable chemicals. Your cleaning machine is especially gentle for quality garments. You generate minimal wastes that require disposal. Your equipment is all state-of-the-art. And so on. Be bold in these messages, for otherwise, you won’t catch their interest.

Another approach is to have a targeted mailing to neighborhoods where there is a high Millennial concentration. In your letter, say something like: “We understand that you’re busy and that it’s important for you to balance work with personal life. We appreciate your commitment to be a positive impact on the environment, despite all the compromises one must make. That’s why we offer you our ‘busy people’s pickup-and-delivery service,’ where we make your life less hassled.”

Win your share of the Millennial market. They are the future.

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