Gas Prices Affecting Summer Travel Plans

Ian P. Murphy |

Chicago — The high price of gasoline is causing more than two-thirds (68.3%) of drycleaning operators to scale back their summer travel plans, according to the most recent survey appearing in the Wire, American Drycleaner’s e-mail newsletter.
Almost one-third (31.7%) say that this year’s summer vacation will be comparable to trips taken in prior years, but an equal percentage said they would take a scaled-down vacation closer to home due to gas prices. Some 14.6% said they would take time off but not leave their hometowns, while 22.0% have cancelled all plans for a summer vacation.
Asked whether high gas prices have forced them to make additional lifestyle changes, three out of five (60%) drycleaners said they are trying to drive less or increase driving efficiency, while 27.5% are cutting back on discretionary purchases such as shopping and dining out. Only 5% reported walking, biking and taking public transit more, and 5% reported no lifestyle changes.
“Driving less is difficult,” said one respondent. “However, I will cut back on nonessential areas such as eating out, etc. It appears some of my customers are cutting down on discretionary cleaning.”
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