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The Gang’s Talking It Up (Conclusion)

The Clean Show is fun, educational, invigorating

SAN FRANCISCO — Question 1: The Clean Show is getting closer, are you planning to go?

Answer: If you are, great. If you haven’t yet decided, you should consider attending — and start planning. Planning increases the likelihood of implementation and reduces the chances of last-minute distractions that interfere with actually making the trip.

Question 2: Why should I spend the time and money to attend if I don’t need any equipment?

Answer: Seeing new equipment is just one benefit of attendance. Even if you don’t need anything, keeping current on industry advancements, and networking with experts and peers, keeps you aware of opportunities and alternatives.

Not only is Clean Show involvement a benefit for owners, it can be a powerful incentive and morale boost for key staff as well.

To stay informed and current on best practices, seeing is believing. The Clean Show is the most efficient and concentrated presentation of where the industry is going and how best to get there.

New Relationship Building: Introduce yourself and personally get to know a broad range of industry providers and experts so you can freely network and acquire/ share valuable information.

The concentration of expertise at this world-renowned trade show is impressive and it opens the way for preferential access in the future when you do want to make a capital investment or need expert advice.

Industry influencers and experienced operators who are visible and accessible stay in the forefront of awareness and first in line for attention.

Ongoing Peer Relationships: The Clean Show this June is an opportunity to renew and strengthen peer connections whether it has been years between the last contact or mere days.

Catching-up with each other, personally and professionally, provides a wealth of guidance and support for any issue that may arise in the future. It gives you the confidence to make the call to a supportive friend. The show creates a natural environment for easy sharing of expertise.

Having a dynamic, involved, informed group of peers to call on for best ideas, such as, what didn’t work and why; best practices; advice; and information of all kinds, is a tremendously valuable resource that is not related to the latest exhibitor offerings for your operations.

Trade shows and industry interaction helps overcome the potential lack of knowledge and management challenges that are often inherent in the isolated middle management role as well. Let your team meet their peers.

The more one is willing to share expertise, the more they receive in return for their efforts at networking.


Each attendee will benefit from listing their primary and secondary goals for the trip.

Goal-setting will focus the scheduling, and help prioritize the appointments to be efficient and on-topic.

Micro-manage each day. Then the desired people, resources, presentations, education sessions and informal meetings can be slotted appropriately. Time flies! So it must be allocated wisely!

Prepare with a map of the exhibits, a schedule of the educational sessions and a list of industry leaders to meet, so your itinerary can be designed well in advance to accommodate all the exhibits, events, meetings, educational sessions, appointments and socializing that make this trade show so important.

Contacting your desired appointments early ensures that you and they set aside sufficient time in busy schedules to address the items of interest.

Formal Education Sessions: The educational sessions address the many challenges faced by the industry today. Allocate enough time to attend all the relevant educational sessions for yourself and for your accompanying team members.

Informal Education Sessions: Set aside time to spend with industry leaders, such as operators, suppliers, and consultants. Trade shows are a good opportunity to schedule a time to meet these operators and discuss details of how they implement their current systems.

The Clean Show is fun, educational, invigorating, and valuable to your business. Clean ’19 New Orleans awaits.

See you there!

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