Founded Pre-Civil War, Zengeler Marches On

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Being ‘partners in the community’ for more than 160 years

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — “Zengeler Cleaners has eight locations in northern Illinois and one of the driving philosophies of the now 160+ year old company is to support all of the communities it serves,” says Tom Zengeler, company president.

The company celebrated 160 years of service in northern Illinois last year. During this impressive run, one constant is the rich history of giving back to the communities they serve, the firm notes.

“When my great-great-grandfather founded our company before the Civil War, he strongly believed it was the responsibility of local businesses to be partners in the community,” says Zengeler.

“It’s been my privilege to continue his legacy some five generations later, including his belief that a true partnership includes support for our youth, the elderly and the arts,” he adds.

Towards that end, his company extends support to a broad range of activities, Zengeler points out.

Community involvement and Zengeler Cleaners are most closely tied to support for Coats for Vets and the Glass Slipper Project, the firm writes.

While these so-called “signature events” are important, Zengeler knows there are other organizations that need support as well, it notes.

Youth programs and local schools are another important focus for the cleaners.

Examples it provides include support and sponsorships of local Chicago suburban events and rotary, along with high school foundations, and junior high programs, just to name a few.

The company also sponsors youth sports for girls and boys, cultural programs, and “Welcome Wagons” for new residents moving into the communities the company serves.

The contributions have added up to thousands of dollars of cash, Zengeler explains, and many, many times that amount in donated cleaning services.

“We trust that our support for these services makes a meaningful difference in the towns and villages where our customers, employees and family live and work.”

He goes on to relate that: “We try to identify projects, organizations and activities where our help can make a difference, then work closely to provide the best possible support.

“Sometimes, that means we provide labor and other cleaning and services and sometimes it means offering financial support. Either way, we try to identify the best way to forge the most effective partnerships possible.”

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