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The Ferrers Like the Green

Honored as Lapels’ franchise owner of the year in Tampa

HANOVER, Mass. — Burt Ferrer was recently named franchise owner of the year for his Tampa store located at 17503 Preserve Walk Lane for 2018 by Lapels Dry Cleaning, the firm reports.

Ferrer worked for Home Depot for more than two decades prior to opening the store in Tampa in May 2016, the firm indicates.

“Lapels and Home Depot have similar values and standards. Both provide great support from the home office for managers and, in the case of Lapels, for franchise owners,” says Ferrer.

“The biggest difference though is, as a franchise owner, the onus is on me to make the adjustments needed to address and resolve issues and challenges that arise,” Ferrer points out.

“Burt and his wife Gabriella have done an incredible job with their plant in a fairly short amount of time since they opened,” says Kevin Dubois, company CEO.

“In addition to being an exemplary owner, Burt has been a mentor to new franchise owners and somebody we are proud to call a business partner,” he adds.

Being his own boss has also afforded Ferrer more time with family. In addition to running the business with his wife Gabriella, all three of his sons help out at the store which has also taken part in activities in the community. Those activities include offering drycleaning services for Tampa Catholic High School’s annual gala.

For winning the award, the company relates, Ferrer received a trophy, plaque and cash award, which was presented by Dubois during a training dinner in Tampa.

“After more than 20 years, it’s taken some time for the Home Depot orange to wear off,” says Ferrer. “But I’ve really gotten used to Lapels green.”