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Family Affair In Memphis

Lapels and Dawson to open three stores in area

HANOVER, Mass. — Lapels Dry Cleaning announces a multi-store development agreement with Dawson Investment Group for the greater Memphis area. The first to open was at Almadale Crossing Shopping Center in Collierville, Tenn.

“What’s got me very excited is how this will truly be a family business,” says Tommy Dawson, president of Dawson Investment Group, who will run the stores with wife Beverly.

“Beverly will be handling the day-to-day operations and our three children will all be part of the business in some capacity,” he adds.

Tommy and Beverly Dawson reside in Eads with their son Noah, while Chris and Gabby reside in the neighboring towns, the company notes.

“We’re extremely excited about our plant,” says Dawson, “In addition, we opened a satellite store in Arlington, Tenn. We’re also scouting out locations for another satellite store in Germantown, Collierville or Memphis.”

Dawson had previously been a sales management executive over the past 20-plus years, the firm relates. It was through his product development work at his last position where the notion of owning his own business evolved.

“In product development, you’re looking for a product or service offering that sets you apart and distinguishes you from the competition,” Dawson points out.

“It’s a rare opportunity that offers both a product and customer service experience that distinguishes a business from its competitors. Lapels has that. After meeting Lapels leadership and visiting other Lapels locations, it was a fairly easy decision to make,” Dawson says.

The firm notes it has pioneered its eco-friendly drycleaning experience over the past 18 years, saying it has a partnership agreement with GreenEarth® Cleaning, the drycleaning industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative for its newer locations.

Using these kinds of solutions and the latest technology in equipment, the company writes, “it is one of the few dry cleaners able to boast that there is no hazardous waste in their process. Their environmentally-friendly cleaning process has no odor and is gentler on clothes, thus lengthening the life of clothes.”

“Lapels Dry Cleaning has more than 80 locations nationwide and we’re delighted to be entering the Memphis, Tenn., market,” says Kevin Dubois, CEO of Lapels Dry Cleaning.

“We care about the communities where we have our stores. That starts with going the extra mile to be sensitive to the environment,” DuBois adds. “Yet it also has to do with being active participants in the local community and business community. We look forward to Tommy and Beverly accomplishing great things in Memphis.”