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Fake Fur Still Brings the ‘Ka-Ching’ (Conclusion)

There is money in fakes, they just have to be treated as fragile

CONCORD, N.C. — The fake suede garments or garments with fake suede trim are easily restored in a wetcleaning operation.

For me the most useful advancement in garment care over the last 35 years has been the refinement of wet cleaning.

Once it was viewed as a “pipe-dream,” but, when used under the strict parameters of reduced pH detergent, reduced mechanical action, and reduced temperature, the door has been opened to restoring a wide variety of items with less effort and less risk.

A great example of this is the imitation suedes, imitation leathers, and imitation furs.

Inspect the fake garment and pre-spot stains on the wet side, especially oily stains. Turn the garment inside-out.

If the fake suede has additional ornamental trim, I would recommend running the item in a net bag.

A standard wetcleaning cycle, with a good softener/conditioner, is all you need. The fake suede or polyurethane, can be finished in the same manner as a synthetic fiber garment, such as polyester.

Place it on the body form, with or without manual air and brush it lightly in both directions with a new whisk broom.

Fake furs in white, light and pastel colors are also candidates for soaking in a color-safe bleach, such as sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate. This can restore the appearance of an item that is showing its age and remove some of the stains that have been overlooked over time.

This simple step can make you a hero, and word of mouth still remains the least expensive, most effective advertising around.

There is money in fakes, they just have to be treated as fragile.

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