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Drycleaning Associations Plan Virtual Fall Fest Expo

Nov. 9-13 event to examine challenges and opportunities in fabricare

WILLOW GROVE, Pa. — The inaugural Fall Fest Expo — a series of virtual workshops, demonstrations and presentations designed to explore the future of the fabricare industry — will take place Nov. 9-13.

The Expo, titled Witness the Future, is co-sponsored by The North East Fabricare Association (NEFA), Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association (PDCA) and the South Eastern Fabricare Association (SEFA).

“We are really excited about this new program,” says Peter Blake, NEFA & SEFA executive director. “We have developed a comprehensive schedule that will encompass training for each facet of your business. Each day we will focus on a different segment of the plant, including: owner/manager topics, customer service, route development, production staff and more.”

A partial list of presenters for the week includes:

  • Beth Z (Your Nerdy Best Friend)
  • Economist Chris Kuehl (Armada Corporate Intelligence)
  • Trudy Adams (Blue Egg Consulting)
  • James Peuster and Mark Albrecht (The Route Pros)

“This is an incredible opportunity,” says NEFA President Larry Fish. “Even if they can’t attend live, I can still have employees watch the recorded sessions. In light of all we are going through, I know this will better prepare me for the future, and better prepare my staff for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

“We are taking all the best parts of the trade show experience,” says Leslie Schaeffer of PDCA, “and brought them into a virtual platform. We are taking great care to provide as much interaction within the forum as possible. We know how valuable that peer-to-peer discussion can have. We are also bringing in the popular demonstrations and equipment showcases that live exhibits have featured. This is your opportunity to make meaningful contacts with other dry cleaners, consultants, equipment manufacturers and service providers.”

Paid registration includes access to Fall Fest Expo events on Nov. 9-13 and access to any and all session recordings for three months following the event. There is a discount available to members of the sponsoring organizations.

For more information, contact Blake at [email protected] (phone: 617-791-0128), or Schaeffer at [email protected] (phone: 215-830-8495). Updates will also be available at the sponsor’s websites:, and