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Drycleaners to Participate in 2008, Survey Says

CHICAGO, Ill. — More than two-thirds of drycleaners plan to attend an industry trade show in 2008, according to the most recent Wire survey, and even more say they will take part in educational seminars and events.
In spite of the fact that no large, national show is scheduled in even-numbered years, 68.8% of drycleaners say they plan to attend at least one trade show in 2008. Another 18.8% say they aren’t yet sure if they will go to a show next year, while just 12.5% say they do not plan to attend.
“We like to go to trade shows for business and make a holiday out of it,” says a respondent who attends two or three a year.
The expanded number and variety of educational opportunities available from associations and suppliers seem to be filling an industry need, however. Four out of five respondents (81.3%) say they or their employees will participate in ongoing industry education in 2008. “I would like to see many more educational seminars available,” one respondent says.
Some 12.5% aren’t yet sure if they will attend any seminars or sessions in 2008, and only 6.3% of respondents report that they will not participate in an educational program in the upcoming year.

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