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Dreams Can Come True

Glass Slipper and Zengeler help bring the joy of prom

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Zengeler Cleaners renewed its long-term partnership with the Glass Slipper Project (GSP), the cleaners reports. The Glass Slipper Project helps thousands of Northern Illinois high school women experience the joy of prom.

Zengeler Cleaners is now in its 18th year serving as the official north suburban collection point for GSP, it relates, accepting donations of lovingly-worn prom dresses and accessories at all eight of its locations in Lake and Cook Counties in Illinois.

“Zengeler Cleaners looks forward to another fabulous collection effort on behalf of the Glass Slipper Project,” says Tom Zengeler, president Zengeler Cleaners.

“Their volunteers,” he notes, “provide an extremely important service for at-risk teenagers at a very vulnerable time in their lives. We are proud of our 18-year partnership with Glass Slipper and are excited about the upcoming collection drive.”

The Glass Slipper Project was founded by women who recognized that many high school students can’t afford the luxury of spending big dollars for prom, no matter how special that night might be.

The organization distributes the donated dresses and accessories free of charge to students at “boutiques,” the cleaners explains, where each student receives individual assistance from a volunteer “personal shopper.”

Local support for Zengeler Cleaner’s partnership grows to record heights almost every year, the firm says.

The cleaners notes it collected 6,342 dresses, hundreds of pairs of shoes, along with purses, jewelry and other accessories valued at more than $4.2 million last year alone. Most dresses were donated by area high school students, Zengeler Cleaners customers and other local businesses supporting the project.

“Each year, we receive numerous inquiries from schools, organizations and others volunteering their support for this cause,” continues Zengeler. “This sends a powerful message about the importance of the work the Glass Slipper Project and its volunteers provide to those they’re able to help.”

Zengeler Cleaners provides several services for GSP. In addition to their role as the north suburban collection point, they also inspect, repair as needed and clean every donated prom dress brought to their stores, all at no cost to the organization, the company reports.

“This assures every student wearing a dress from the Glass Slipper Project looks her best on this important evening,” it says.