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Downtown Portland, Ore., ZIPS Opens

First of a 12-store deal with OKTA Dry Cleaning in this greater metro area

GREENBELT, Md. — ZIPS Dry Cleaners franchise known for its same-day, one-price business model, has opened the first of 12 stores, in downtown Portland, Ore., part of a development deal that spans the Portland metro area, the company reports.

“We are very excited to bring ZIPS to the Portland area,” relates Justin Andrews, vice president of OKTA Dry Cleaning. “We saw that Portland was in need of a same-day, high-quality, low cost dry cleaner that provided outstanding service.”

All 12 stores will be owned by OKTA Dry Cleaning, LLC, it notes. This first store in Portland that just recently opened is located at 10228 NE Halsey Street.

Various parts of town are being targeted for the remaining stores, including the immediate downtown area, Oakley, Hyde Park, Blue Ash and Florence, among others, the company indicates.

Affiliates of OKTA Dry Cleaning are experienced in owning and operating nine fitness clubs and gyms in the Portland metro area, it relates, and plan on using their management experience to make ZIPS a success.

Andrews points out that, “ZIPS is able to provide customers with huge cost savings because of our flat rate cleaning fee for all clothes. Instead of spending that money on clothes, they can now spend it on other experiences that may be more enjoyable for them.”

In this franchise business model, the firm notes, a customer can have any item of clothing dry cleaned for $2.49. It doesn’t matter if the item is a necktie, a coat or a pair of pants, the company adds. Garments are also cleaned on-site, allowing for same-day service.

“Additionally, in today’s increasingly green-conscious society,” ZIPS relates, it is, “Leading the way in the search for new environmentally friendly practices, such as its use of biodegradable plastic bags and hanger recycling program.

ZIPS reports it has more than 60 locations open and operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic and in Texas and California.