Dove Converts to GreenEarth Solvent

Ian P. Murphy |

TORONTO — DoveCorp Enterprises, a retail drycleaning conglomerate with more than 100 stores in the Toronto metro area, announced Monday that it will convert its entire operation from perchloroethylene to GreenEarth’s silicon-based solvent.
“We are acutely aware of the current environmental issues, and know that our customers are concerned as well,” says Sam Mizrahi, president and CEO of DoveCorp. “This new solvent is not only natural and safe, but is also odorless, which eliminates the chemical smell traditionally associated with the drycleaning process.”
Located in a city that recently proposed a perc ban, DoveCorp was eager to eliminate environmental concerns associated with drycleaning. “GreenEarth is truly a revolutionary process,” Mizrahi says. “We are working hard to convert all of our locations by the end of this year.”
DoveCorp operates retail outlets under the Dove Cleaners, Meena Cleaners and Natural Cleaners brands, and recently bought out Toronto’s Cadet Cleaners. The company also serves commercial clients as Dove Cleaners Commercial.

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