DLI Opens Encyclopedia of Drycleaning to Members Online

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LAUREL, Md. — As of April 2, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning will be open to most DLI members as another new, free member benefit, the institute reports.

“We’ve very pleased to present this information to our members at no additional cost,” says DLI CEO Mary Scalco. “Members identified DLI’s technical bulletins as the greatest benefit to membership in every survey we’ve ever conducted. When Fabricare [DLI’s magazine] arrives in the mail, members turn immediately to the bulletins. By taking advantage of online technologies, we were able to reduce our production costs. Now we’re able to open the information to most of our members free.”

The term “most” refers to all U.S. operating plants and their associated sub-plants registered as current DLI members in good standing. International memberships still require an additional online subscription.

To learn what’s contained within the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning and how to access it, visit or call 800-638-2627.


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