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DLI to Launch Blended Learning Options in 2022

Offerings include on-site, virtual and combination classes

LAUREL, Md. — The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) recently announced  its plans for its School of Drycleaning Technology courses throughout 2022. In the coming year, DLI will offer different options for students, including on-site, virtual and blended learning courses. The blended learning will consist of a combination of virtual and on-site training.

“We’re excited to offer our courses in these formats to allow students better access to DLI’s educational opportunities,” says Brian Johnson, DLI’s director of education. “We understand that taking time to travel and attend courses isn’t for everyone, particularly in the current travel environment. Our new virtual courses allow students to learn without having to travel at all.”

The blended learning format will consist of seven days of virtual training and two days of on-site training at DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology in Laurel, Maryland. DLI says that the course includes all the traditional aspects of the “Introduction to Drycleaning” course.

There will also be three offerings each of DLI’s traditional in-person “Introduction to Drycleaning” and “Advanced Drycleaning” series that teach students the drycleaning trade for one week and two weeks, respectively.

The “Introduction to Drycleaning” course is suited for experienced individuals or those who are new to the industry. Topics that will be explored during the one-week course include sorting loads for drycleaning; drycleaning science; fibers and their characteristics; fabric construction; cleaning silk, satin and other fabrics; soil and cleaning theory; operating a drycleaning machine; and stain removal chemistry and procedures including removing ink, coffee, grease and other stains from clothing.

Students will also learn how to press pants, coats and skirts, as well as use tensioning equipment to improve finishing quality.

The on-site “Advanced Drycleaning” course runs immediately after the “Introduction to Drycleaning” course. The two-week course is better suited for those who have finished the introductory course or who have hands-on production experience and knowledge of basic stain removal and finishing techniques.

Course topics include designing a cleaning plant with the most effective work flow; pressing laundered shirts; understanding the differences between solvents including perc, GreenEarth and hydrocarbon; getting clean, white laundry; cleaning and preserving wedding gowns; current regulations facing the industry; customer service techniques for cleaners; and using bleaches without damaging fabric color.

Blended Learning “Introduction to Drycleaning” Schedule

  • June 7, 9 (virtual)
  • June 14, 16 (virtual)
  • June 21, 23(virtual)
  • June 28 (virtual)
  • July 14 – 15 (on site)


On-Site “Introduction to Drycleaning” Schedule

Spring 2022

  • On-Site Introduction to Drycleaning Course — March 7 – 11
  • On-Site Advanced Drycleaning Course — March 14 – 25

Summer 2022

  • On-Site Introduction to Drycleaning Course — August 8 – 12
  • On-Site Advanced Drycleaning Course — August 15 – 26 

Fall 2022

  • On-Site Introduction to Drycleaning Course — October 17 – 21
  • On-Site Advanced Drycleaning Course — October 24 – November 4

Virtual Stain Removal Course

DLI is also offering two sessions of its “Virtual Stain Removal” course, covering everything from fiber identification and characteristics to stain removal chemistry and procedures to using bleaches and specialty products such as digesters, amyl acetate and acetone to assist in the spotting process.

Classes meet virtually over seven days.

Spring 2022 Virtual Stain Removal Course (7 Days)

  • April 26, 28
  • May 3, 5
  • May 10, 12
  • May 17

Fall 2022 Virtual Stain Removal Course (7 Days)

  • September 13, 15
  • September 20, 22
  • September 27, 29
  • October 4

For more information about these classes, visit the DLI website.





DLI to Launch Blended Learning Options in 2022

The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI) will be offering on-site, virtual and blended learning courses for its drycleaning courses for 2022. (Image: Drycleaning & Laundry Institute)

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