DLI Joins Effort Against Maine Services Tax

Ian P. Murphy |

AUGUSTA, Maine — The Drycleaing & Laundry Institute (DLI) announced that it has joined the Maine antitax group "Vote Yes to Reject New Taxes" in an effort to defeat taxation legislation aimed at drycleaning and other personal services.
Already passed by the state legislature, LD1495 is a major piece of tax-reform legislation that will revamp Maine's income-tax laws and expand the sales tax to cover 100 new products and services. The law expands the sales tax to drycleaning and "wash, dry and fold" laundry services.
If the law is allowed to take effect, the tax will need to be collected as soon as June 15, 2010. Maine's constitution, however, permits a "People's Veto" of any legislation if enough signatures are collected to put it on the ballot; the veto will be included on a June 8 election ballot.
DLI members in Maine can help by asking customers to support the veto of the tax by voting "Yes" on Line 1 of the June 8 ballot. Contact DLI at 800-638-2627 for more information.

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