DLI Endorses Carl’s Jr.’s Messiest Menu Items

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CARPINTERIA, Calif. — Fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. announced yesterday that it has won the endorsement of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) for its chili-cheese burgers and chili-cheese fries. “Messy and delicious,” the reintroduced menu items are “a ‘win-win’ for chili lovers and drycleaners everywhere,” a promotional campaign says.
“Indulge yourself at Carl’s Jr. and enjoy your chili,” says Bill Fisher, DLI’s CEO. “Don’t worry about the mess — leave that to us. Our latest poll reveals that four out of five drycleaners recommend eating Carl’s Jr. chili- and cheese-laden creations at least once a week.”
“While some fast-food chains would be nervous about selling a menu item that’s bound to be messy, we think that’s part of what makes a great chili-cheese burger and great chili-cheese fries,” says Brad Haley, executive vice president of marketing for Carl’s Jr.
“When it comes to eating a chili-cheese burger, ‘drip happens,’” he says. “And as one of our advertising campaigns once proudly proclaimed, ‘If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face, so it’s no surprise that the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute supports our efforts.”
To get chili and cheese stains out of a cotton T-shirt or jeans, DLI says consumers should wipe off the excess and use a laundry prespotter before washing. If the foodstuffs make a mess in the car, scrape and spot-treat upholstery. But consumers should get that silk tie or linen blouse into the hands of a DLI-affiliated drycleaner right away, the association says.
An advertising campaign featuring chili-cheese burgers, chili-cheese fries and the spillage they produce launched yesterday during the Academy Awards broadcast. Carl’s Jr. is offering three variations of chili-cheese burger — single, double and “Six-Dollar;” chili-cheese fries will be offered alone and as an upgrade to combo meals.

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