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Dig It! Mining Social Media

Tips for dry cleaners on how to dig for content ideas

ORLANDO, Fla. — How many times have you hopped onto a business Facebook or Twitter page, only to see that the company’s last post was in 2012? You’re left wondering if the company is still in business or not — whether it’s a restaurant or a bike shop!

You’re not sure if you should patronize that particular establishment — or if it will result in a dead end.

The more likely story is that the business owner has been too busy to post consistently. This could be because he or she is struggling to come up with ideas for content; with a business to run, the brainstorming tends to get put off.

He or she may feel as if they have posted about the same topics over and over again, due to a lack of inspiration.

In the world of content writing for social media, it’s important you offer customers timely and relevant information.

Here are some tips to do this:

  • Play off topics in the news. Work those current events into your post messaging. For instance, there may be a bridal expo in your city. Offer information on it, a photo, and remind folks that your drycleaning establishment cleans and preserves wedding dresses.
  • Explore National or International Days. There is a day to celebrate everything now. Google “National Days” and you will see tons of options for every day of the year. (Did you know June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day? The most-messiest of foods surely lends itself to a need for dry cleaning.)
  • Think about the time of year or the weather. The key here is not to sell to the customer, but to offer useful information. For example, around a holiday, you could offer readers a tip on how to treat a wine stain on a rug before they bring it in for professional cleaning. Also, when it’s time for spring cleaning, let folks know how often they should be dry-cleaning their comforters.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a strong image. Remember that “before” and “after” photos of tough drycleaning jobs speak volumes. Put them up on social media with a brief caption.

With these ideas, drycleaning owners can develop new, creative ways of thinking about social media and have the tools they need to get it done consistently in 2017.

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