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DC/WC Machine Mania

‘Machine heads’ share their views in latest survey

CHICAGO — Here some of the individual responses to this recent Machine Mania survey question: “Tell us about your latest drycleaning and/or wetcleaning machine purchase and how it’s working out for you?”

  • “We are 100 percent wet cleaning. I removed my old machine a year ago.”
  • “Two machines purchased in 2000, Still running like the day they were installed.”
  • “Replaced a 20-year-old machine. Now using less solvent and chemicals.”
  • “Heated hydrocarbon.”
  • “Drycleaning machine and wetcleaning machine. Does the job.”
  • “Just purchased a new washer and a steam dryer, both designed for fine cleanable items.”
  • “Eight-year-old machine, works great.”
  • “Drycleaning machine from 1999!”
  • “Wet cleaning!”
  • “Wetcleaning washer and dryer. Love them.”
  • “I have all brand new equipment.”
  • “Bought a used system.”
  • “My cleaning system giving good results so far, four months in use.”

When asked the question: “How many drycleaning and/or wetcleaning machines do you have? And why that ratio?” The trade audience responds this way:

  • “Six DC machines, two wetcleaning, seven washers.”
  • “One DC, one WC.”
  • “One and one.”
  • “Dry cleaning five, wet cleaning four.”
  • “One each. Enough to handle volume.”
  • “Two DC, two WC.”
  • “1/1. Appropriate.”

The survey also asks: “How much pride do you have in your ‘cleaning machines’ at your drycleaning operation?” Fifty-four percent of respondents say their machines are back-of-the-house workhorses, while 35 percent say they are in plain sight of the customer. Full results in graph.

About conducting regular machine maintenance, most respondents answer either “daily” or “weekly” with a few saying “monthly” or “as needed.”

Lastly, survey respondents talk about the comments they received from customers who have noticed their drycleaning or wetcleaning machines:

  • “Noticed occasionally.”
  • “No.” (Several respondents say this.)
  • “Wow!!! That is a beautiful machine. Looks really sophisticated.”
  • “Out of sight.” (Editor note: I’m thinking they mean “not in view” but they could mean “outta sight” as in “very cool!”)
  • “On guided tours we make a point of talking about all cleaning technologies, including the oldest cleaning technology, wet cleaning!”
  • “Yes, the machines are a topic of discussion.”
  • “No they don’t. Rarely does anyone inquire.”
  • “No, they are not in sight. If someone is interested, I will taking them on a tour.”
  • “Sometimes. Then I explain the difference from home washing.”

Today’s Your Views survey offers a current snapshot of the trade audience’s views. Qualified subscribers to American Drycleaner e-mails are invited to participate anonymously in the unscientific poll.

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