Dallas Cleaners Shoot Would-Be Robber to Death

Ian P. Murphy |

DALLAS — The operators of Joe’s Cleaners in Dallas, Texas, foiled a robbery at their store Monday, shooting the suspect to death.
A man entered Joe’s plant smelling of alcohol, owner Joseph Baggett told police, and left again immediately. A few minutes later, the suspect reappeared holding a gun.
Baggett told the man to take the money from the register, but the suspect ordered him to go to the back of the plant at gunpoint upon seeing Baggett’s wife there.
Mrs. Baggett stepped out behind the two, pointing their own gun at the robber. With the suspect distracted, Baggett was able to spin around, grab the gun from his wife and fire it three times.
The suspect died at the store’s front entrance with a gunshot wound to the face, police said. According to procedure, the case will be referred to a grand jury.

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