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Off the Cuff: Get to Know.... Joe Gagliostro

Owner, Muldoon Dry Cleaners Inc.

CHICAGO — In this latest installment of Off the Cuff, where readers can meet and learn more about someone from the fabricare industry, let's get to know Joe Gagliostro, owner, Muldoon Dry Cleaners Inc.

Tell us where you were born, grew up, and reside today?

“I was born, raised and reside in Auburn, N.Y., located just west of Syracuse, which is where our company Muldoon Dry Cleaners, Inc. is located. My wife Diana and I operate as third generation owners and we have raised our daughter Sophia around the store as well.”

Hobbies (that you’ll admit to)?

“My favorite hobbies are spending time traveling with my family and exercising after work.”

What gets you excited at work?

“I get excited at work when I start my first load of heated hydro-carbon every morning! I also most enjoy interacting with my clients.”

Lastly, tell us a secret (keep it clean) nobody knows about you?

“A secret that know one knows about me is if I wasn’t a dry cleaner, I think I would want to be a chef or a painter. Those are two things that I love to do.”

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