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Off the Cuff: Get to Know.... Jeff Jordan

VP of business development, Fabritec

CHICAGO — In this latest installment of Off the Cuff, where readers can meet and learn more about someone from the fabricare industry, let's get to know Jeff Jordan, VP of business development, Fabritec.

Tell us where you were born, grew up, and reside today?

“I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, grew up in the surrounding suburbs in Ky., and now live in historic Bellevue, Ky.”

Hobbies (that you’ll admit to)?

“I love playing guitar.”

What gets you excited at work?

“That ‘Aha!’ moment from a customer when they see how big of a difference our products and procedures make in their cleaning process.”

Lastly, tell us a secret (keep it clean) nobody knows about you?

“Very few people know that I won a college talent show doing stand-up comedy. It was my first and last performance.” 

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