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Jake Lane with his dog.

Tim Burke |

Owner, Press Cleaners

CHICAGO — In this latest installment of Off the Cuff, where readers can meet and learn more about someone from the fabricare industry, let's get to know Jake Lane, Owner, Press Cleaners.

Tell us where you were born, grew up, and reside today?

“I was born in Bellaire, Texas, a small city in southwest Houston. I then moved to Austin, Texas, in 2010 for college and haven’t left.”

Hobbies (that you’ll admit to)?

“I’m a huge golfer, I’d play every day if I could. One of my best friends and I actually started a non-profit that leverages our love for golf to provide awareness for a rare autoimmune disease called scleroderma, which his mom has. But when I’m not working or golfing, I love to fish, cook and play video games.”

What gets you excited at work?

“I thrive off building early-stage startups, even if the grind can be a lot. I’m not a fan of maintaining, I want to have the ability to build and shape culture and growth strategies. I love that we’re building a brand that’s changing the way people handle laundry and dry cleaning.”

Lastly, tell us a secret (keep it clean) nobody knows about you?

“I won quite a few drawing and art contests while I was growing up. In fact, my parents told me to pursue art going into college, but the struggling artist thing isn’t really my style. I ended up transferring my love for art and creative work into digital design and marketing.”

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