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Fred Schwartzmann

Tim Burke |

President, A.L. Wilson Chemical Co.

CHICAGO — In this latest installment of Off The Cuff, where readers can meet and learn more about someone from the fabricare industry, let’s get to know Fred Schwarzmann, president of A.L. Wilson Chemical Co.

Tell us where you were born, grew up, and reside today?

“I’m a lifelong resident of the Garden State. Staying local comes with being the third generation owner-manager of the now fourth generation Wilson Chemical.”

Hobbies (that you’ll admit to)?

“Given the chance, I’ll snow ski or scuba dive. Can’t do those in Jersey, though, so I’m learning to play guitar.”

What gets you excited at work?

“Dry cleaning is evolving into a more eco-friendly industry. I’m excited that Wilson offers stain removers that can help cleaners embrace their brighter future!”

Lastly, tell us a secret (keep it clean) nobody knows about you?

“My secret... I’ve had a side job for the last 15 years. Monday nights, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., I volunteer as an EMT in my home town. Illness or accident, I’m your guy!”

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