CRDN, Esporta Reach Agreement to End Brand Name Confusion

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BERKLEY, Mich. — CRDN, an international organization of textile restoration experts serving the insurance industry, and Esporta Wash Systems Inc., inventors and manufacturers of a patented washing system and detergents, have come to an agreement to discontinue the use of Esporta’s CCRN brand name.

The CCRN (Certified Contents Restoration Network) brand was created by Esporta to represent a certification standards council responsible for establishing and monitoring standards for soft contents restoration throughout their member network—those restoration contractors who have purchased and been certified in the Esporta Wash System for soft contents restoration.

The Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network, known by the acronym “CRDN,” is the oldest and largest franchise network of textile restoration operators, having built the first network of its kind in 2001, and serves the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Due to the two entities’ similar brand acronyms, CRDN and Esporta agreed that Esporta’s use of CCRN would be changed to the “Esporta Certified Operators of North America™” beginning immediately.

CRDN CEO Wayne M. Wudyka and Esporta CEO Randall J. Rhode announced the agreement together.

“Mr. Rhode and I came to a very amicable and mutually agreeable decision, recognizing that two similar brand identities operating in the marketplace caused confusion that benefits neither entity,” Wudyka says. “We further agreed that there are a lot of complements between our organizations, and we made a decision that collectively allows our members to come together to deliver complete textile restoration solutions without brand confusion, as we both have done and would do with any other contractor or organization in the industry.”

“We firmly believe that it is in everybody’s best interest to ensure there is no confusion between the CRDN and the Esporta Certified Operators of North America™,” Rhode says. “I am very pleased with the discussions that have taken place between the CRDN and Esporta and the agreement we have reached. I hope this marks the beginning of greater ways we can work together for the mutual benefit of all our members and the industry as a whole.

“Mr. David MacLean, acting president of the former CCRN and now the Esporta Certified Operators, will continue to work closely with our membership to ensure the soft contents restoration services being brought to the insurance industry are of the highest level.”


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