Crazy Cleanerz Named Best Plant Design

Ian P. Murphy |

American Drycleaner has named Crazy Cleanerz in Cordova, Tenn., the Best Plant Design in its 46th Annual Plant Design Awards. The high-volume, low-price plant uses lots of high-tech equipment to take most of the guesswork (and much of the cost) out of processing huge numbers of garments.
Onlookers told veteran operator Spencer Nix he was “crazy” when he came up with the concept, but with five full double-stack storage conveyors and customers three deep in the call office, he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Congratulations to Crazy Cleanerz and this year’s 13 other distinguished plant projects; for full details on the winners, watch the mail for American Drycleaner’s January issue.

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Ian P. Murphy is a freelance writer based in Chicago, and was the editor of American Drycleaner from 1999 to 2011.


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