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Coutures Give Nod To Hallak

Cleaner wins first place in LCI’s 2017 certification ratings

NEW YORK — Recently, Hallak Cleaners won first place in the 2017 Leading Cleaners Internationale (LCI) certification ratings, the cleaners reports.

“LCI brings together a small group of like-minded dry cleaners that cater to the same small consumer niche, such as couture fashion consumers,” says John-Claude Hallak, president, Hallak Cleaners.

LCI is comprised of ten couture cleaners in the United States and Canada, the cleaners writes, and adds that to be part of this special organization, these dry cleaners must meet the highest criteria in all facets of their business.

“While many of the day-to-day operations of a couture cleaner overlap with those of an operation serving the middle or lower price points, there are certain nuances which remain very specific to the high-end niche,” Hallak says.

Each year, he explains, cleaners are evaluated to ensure that they are still eligible for this honored position. Each new year brings new technology and techniques so it is important to stay up-to-date.

“When we convene each year, we tend to look at our businesses from the 20,000-foot vantage point. By comparing notes, challenges and aspirations, we are able to bring some insights to our individual operations that would be impossible to acquire if we were to stay insulated in our own worlds,” Hallak relates.

Before becoming a member of the LCI, facilities must meet standards in areas such as: scope of services, product quality, customer care, presentation, management and citizenship. It is also mandatory to go above and beyond in operational practices, he points out.

“Hallak Cleaners and the other fine LCI members understand the importance in the customers’ overall experience,” he indicates. “With having the best protocols and processes in place, both clients and their garments receive the best care possible.”

He also notes that through the rigorous certification process, “overseen by Barry Gershenson, our executive director, coupled with critique from our co-members, LCI provides a ‘board of directors function,’ compelling us all to maintain a degree of accountability.”

Hallak Cleaners is a family-owned couture dry cleaner based in the New York metropolitan area and known for its specialized services including couture, suede and leather, custom interior furnishings and wedding gown services.

“This is a great honor for the team at both locations in Bergen County and Manhattan,” it notes, further saying: “It takes hard work and dedication to meet LCI ratings in order to win first place,” the firm writes.

Hallak adds: “We are all always trying to ‘push the needle’ in all aspects of our companies, and we find that it is easier finding ways to push that needle together, as a group, then singly.”

hallak cleaners hallak family 1 1 web

John-Claude Hallak, from left, Marie-Louise Hallak and Joseph Hallak, Jr. (Photos: Hallak Cleaners)

hallak cleaners manhattan store 1 web

The interior of the Manhattan store location of Hallak Cleaners. The cleaners wins first place in the Leading Cleaners Internationale (LCI) 2017 certification ratings.

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