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Counter Revolution

About finding great front counter personnel

CHICAGO — When asked to tell us your secret: “How do you find, and keep, great counter personnel?” You responded this way:

  • “I haven’t been able to find anyone in two or three years so I put up with all kinds of things I would have never put up with in the past.”

  • “You have to be lucky and maybe go through three to ten people.”

  • “Family and friends.”

  • “Treat them well, include them in decision-making, share the company vision and how they are a part of it, and clearly define the CSR position and expectations.”

The survey also asks: “Which phrase, generally speaking, describes your front counter team?”

“Simply great!” says 40%, while 39% indicate, “Solid, they do the job.” Eighteen percent say, “Room for improvement.” For full results see the graph.

Here are some of the comments survey respondents give for describing how much of their counter team is in place and how many position they still need to fill:

  • “Maybe a part-timer of only 10-12 hours.”

  • “I would replace two of my seven counter people if I could.”

  • “Always need one more.”

  • “Have seven great people, only need to fill one more position.”

The survey asks: “Which factor do you think is the most important in your fabricare business?” “Counter Team!” gets 58%, while “Location,” receives 42% of responses.

Here are some of the comments survey respondents give for describing their front counter team members who just have a knack for it:

  • “One in particular has great enthusiasm. They just have a desire to do the work and enjoy it.”

  • “Friendly and truthful.”

  • “There’s no secret: Training and training. Don’t stop”

  • “Friendly. Remembers names. Knows a lot of customers personally. Talks to customers about their life. Knows how to resolve a problem. Trained well.”

  • “Personable while professional.”

  • “The gift of gab! some people have it and some don’t. The vast majority of customers are seen when they park, and our staff knows them by name, so orders are pulled or being pulled when they walk in with a big welcome!”

  • “They must like people; be a company person.”

  • “One word: Values.”

  • “Self starter, friendly, and attention to detail.”

  • “Friendly, care, want to learn. They get it.”

  • “Personality is everything!”

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