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Clothing Donated to Help Homeless

Impact Locally is helped by Lapels of Littleton and its owner in so many ways

HANOVER, Mass. — While many people are impacted by the current crisis, one group you do not hear as much about is the homeless, unless you are Dave Wood, owner of Lapels Dry Cleaning of Littleton, Colo., it notes.

The drycleaning owner made the half-hour trek to Denver recently, it reports, to donate a van full of clothing to Impact Locally, a Denver-based nonprofit serving 5,000-plus homeless men, women and children in need every month.

“We make one or two donations to Impact Locally each year,” says Wood. “These are items that have not been picked up by customers for more than a year and items donated by our customers. This year, given the current situation, the donation is a bit more meaningful,” he adds.

Part of this donation included 50 masks created by Anna’s Tailoring of Denver, the company relates. Anna’s Tailoring, run by John and Anna Piotrowski, focused its attention to making masks during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Anna’s Tailoring is one of many small businesses in our industry hit very hard by the crisis,” explains Wood. “Essentially, two of their biggest seasons have been wiped out — weddings and proms.”

Wood adds: “Thank you to Anna and John for their contribution to this cause.”

In addition to the clothes and masks, Wood donated money to Impact Locally, which he says, came from the proceeds of Lapels Dry Cleaning of Littleton’s hangar recycling program.

“Dave has been a generous donor to our organization over the years. We are particularly grateful—and not surprised—that he stepped up at a time like this to bring much needed masks and clothing items for our volunteer center and our Humanity Clothing Store,” says Travis Singhaus, CEO of Impact Locally.

“It’s also a great relief to know that when the clothes come from Lapels Dry Cleaning, they are very clean and virus-free,” Singhaus adds.

Its drycleaning process features environmentally friendly GreenEarth®, which it describes as the dry cleaning industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative.

“Dave Wood has a long history of generosity in the Littleton area and beyond,” says Kevin Dubois, CEO of Lapels Dry Cleaning. “His store has a longstanding policy of cleaning soldier uniforms and hats for free and a similar offering for flags.”

In June 2019, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #4666 in Littleton, recognized Wood for his philanthropic efforts, it adds.