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Proudly sporting their company logo is the headquarters building of Union Drycleaning Products, USA, located in McDonough, Ga. (Photo: Union Drycleaning Products, USA)

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MCDONOUGH, Ga. — Each month, American Drycleaner is profiling a manufacturer, distributor or other business that serves the drycleaning industry. In this Closer Look, the magazine shines its spotlight on Union Drycleaning Products, USA, a drycleaning machinery manufacturer.

Q: How long has your business been serving the drycleaning industry?

A: In the United States since 1990, internationally since 1976.

Q: Tell our readers, generally, about your company’s current product and/or service offerings.

A: We offer new drycleaning machines, parts for all of our machines, and technical service to keep the machines running like new.

Q: Where are your company’s products made, and how are they sold/distributed to end-users?

A: Our machines are manufactured in Italy. We sell to distributors who then sell to the end-user and provide local support.

Q: What is the biggest news at your business right now?

A: We debuted the CLOUD machine and I-Connect systems at Clean 2015 and the feedback received has been outstanding.

Q: Why is your company successful?

A: Our dedicated team of employees that are always willing to help, combined with the best distributor network in the industry.

Q: What makes your business different from other businesses like it?

A: We are here for our customers and give 110% to make them feel comfortable with their purchase. That’s what sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Q: Which is more important to your organization—mission, core values or vision—and why?

A: Our core values support our mission and vision.

Q: How does your company keep up with the industry to ensure it is offering the products and/or services that potential customers want or need?

A: We have a wide range of machines to suit any customer’s needs. We also love to get feedback on what our customers think of the machine purchases.

Q: What is one thing that American Drycleaner readers would be surprised to learn about your company?

A: Prior to 1990, Union was an unknown in the United States. Union has continued to grow over the years.

Q: How would you characterize the current state of the drycleaning industry?

A: We can see the market turning around since the slowdown in 2007. Many customers are replacing older perc machines with new alternative-solvent machines.

Q: What do you think will change about the drycleaning industry in the next five years?

A: We will continue to see a phase-out of perc machines and plants, due to the environmental concerns with the solvent.

Q: If there is one thing you could change about the drycleaning industry, what would it be?

A: A better understanding of the alternative solvents and machines in the market today. This would calm the nerves of some customers who are worried about having to change solvents and machines to comply with new environmental regulations.


Company name: Union Drycleaning Products, USA

Location: McDonough, Ga.

Number of employees: 12

Type of business: Manufacturer of drycleaning machines

Products/services: Drycleaning machines, parts, technical service

Area served: United States, Canada

Company HQ address: 1900 Meredith Park Drive, McDonough, GA 30253

Phone number, local: 404-361-7775

Phone number, toll-free: 1-800-433-9401

Fax number: 404-361-2454

Corporate email address: [email protected]

Website URL:

Social media addresses (Facebook):



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