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CINET Online and In-person Summer School is Open

Classes are available based on student interest and experience level

OPHEMERT, Netherlands — This summer promises to offer more opportunities for dry cleaners and others in the professional textile care (PTC) industry than at this time last year. As in any business, those with better training are better equipped to take advantage of fresh opportunities.

This is the thinking behind CINET’s World of PTC — Business School training facility. Since different parts of the world are in various stages of recovery from the pandemic, CINET is offering its classes on both an in-person and online basis.

The World of PTC – Business School offers three different levels, depending on the student’s experience and interests:

  • Starters (Level C) — This is the basic level of education and knowledge for people who just started or would like to start in the textile cleaning industry. Classes at this level include Textile Cleaning Starters, Textile Knowledge, Machine Safety and Finishing.
  • Operational Excellence (Level B) — This is the advanced level for operators and employees for detailed knowledge and skills of the textile cleaning process. At this level, classes include Drycleaning Excellence, Wetcleaning Excellence, Spotting, Maintenance and Commerical Laundry Operation.
  • Management (Level A) — This level is designed for managers and employees who want to improve their skills in the retail side of textile cleaning. Classes here include Textile Cleaning Management, Advanced Machine Safety, Quality Management, Hygiene Management and Cleaning Cost Calculations.

CINET notes that students passing exams at all levels will be awarded the “Master of Professional Textile Care” certificate. Depending on preference, students can choose to study via 24/7 e-learning in combination with the practical training, or personal workshops/webinars in combination with practical training. Both paths, CINET says, lead to the title “Master in PTC.”

CINET is also offering a special offer, running through Aug. 1, 2021, where students who purchase all the modules at all three levels can bring in a colleague for those courses for free.

For more information or to sign up for classes, visit the CINET website.

CINET Online and In-person Summer School

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