Chemical Manufacturer Launches 'Green' Laundry Products for Counter Sale

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NEW ORLEANS — For drycleaners looking to promote a green, ecofriendly message and communicate to their customers that they are the one-stop shop for all their garment-care needs, Adco Cleaning Products introduced AdcoEco at Clean ’09. Drycleaners can sell this new line of ecologically friendly detergent and softener over the counter to promote environmental friendliness and proper garment care, the company says.
AdcoEco detergent is formulated to be biodegradable and free of harmful dyes and perfumes, and leaves clothes smelling fresh and soft, the company says.
Both the detergent and the softener are also friendly to the environment because they’re highly concentrated, so just one ounce of AdcoEco can clean two full loads of laundry. This cuts down on the amount of plastic used for the containers and the energy used to ship them compared to conventional detergents, which contain mostly water, Adco says.
In addition, when drycleaning customers pick up a detergent from their local drycleaner, the neighborhood expert on cleaning apparel, they feel they’re getting proper care for their washables as well as their drycleaned garments, the company adds.

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