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Can I Dryclean An Electric Blanket?

Q: We often receive electric blankets from customers. Some of them do not carry care instructions. Can electric blankets be drycleaned?
A: No! Under no circumstances should an electric blanket be drycleaned. Electric blankets contain wires, electrical connections and heating elements that are covered by or encased in plastic.
Drycleaning solvents can dissolve the plastic insulators, exposing the wires. And the heat produced during reclamation may melt or crack the plastic insulation.
When the electric blanket is plugged in, these exposed wires can cause short circuits, fires, electrocution and serious bodily injuries.
Electric blankets should be machine-washed in a gentle cycle, lightly extracted and line-dried. Do not finish them, since steam and heat also has the potential to damage electrical components.

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