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Camaraderie Big Part of MfM Meeting

Consulting group holds its mid-america meeting in Charleston, S.C.

OMAHA, Neb. — Charleston Prestige Cleaners of Charleston, S.C., recently hosted a three-day Methods for Management (MfM) mid-america bureau meeting for, “Prestigious dry cleaners from the U.S.” MfM says, adding that the meeting promoted, “continual improvements in the industry where the members discussed the achievements and challenges of each company.”

“The group also enjoyed camaraderie and laughter over excellent food and wine in Charleston,” MfM adds.

During this meeting, MfM notes, its members examined extensive financial and key performance analysis within their businesses, including group average performances and benchmarks.

Best practices were shared, the firm relates, including the latest marketing and advertising efforts of each company. Each member contributed a presentation of their 2019 corporate and personal goals and their roadmaps for achievement, MfM reports.

“The members conducted a thorough plant critique for Charleston Prestige Cleaners, with both praise and suggestions for improvement and innovation to continue to provide the highest quality service for their clients,” MfM says.

“Charleston Prestige Cleaners is the local leader in dry cleaning for Charleston, S.C.,” writes MfM. The host cleaners, it notes, specializes in dry cleaning, laundry services, couture cleaning, bridal, express cleaning and private lockers.

MfM, an international consulting group, facilitated by Kermit Engh, relates that it, “Provides membership to elite dry cleaners who wish to further their expertise and improve their business through shared industry knowledge, local community action, higher productivity and efficiency, and training for excellent quality in garment care and customer service.”

Kermit Engh has been an owner/operator in the drycleaning industry for over 27 years, the firm relates, and is a member of MfM for over 23 years.

“He is also the president of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists for 12 years, a member of DLI and LCI, and winner of numerous industry awards including a 2016 CINET Internationale Sustainability Award,” MfM says.