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RANCHO BERNARDO, Calif. — A California drycleaner recently returned $2,000 in cash to a customer after she had left it in a pocket.
Muoi Leiu, an employee at Park Avenue Dry Cleaners in Rancho Bernardo, discovered the money in a jacket pocket just before Christmas and alerted operator Hung Tran. Tran called the customer three times before reaching her and returning the cash.
Tran says honesty is crucial to his business and among employees. “That doesn’t belong to us here,” Tran told WALB, the local NBC affiliate. “If we do something wrong, something wrong happens to you. If you’re not honest, you will see dishonest people.”
The most recent find wasn’t the operation’s biggest ever, however. Tran’s wife, Xuan Nguyen, once found $10,000 in a customer’s jacket pocket and returned it—even refusing a reward. “I said, it’s not my money; I don’t take tips,” she told WALB.

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