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Baby-Safe Bedding

‘Made In Green’ label provides traceability for safe, sustainable textiles

ZURICH — Oeko-Tex® reports that, “More and more manufacturers of home textiles, such as bedding and towels, are focusing on sustainability.”

The Made In Green label, it relates, “Is a traceable consumer label for sustainable textiles. Each textile product awarded the label has a unique product ID and/or a QR code which enable the manufacture of the article to be traced.

“Each product ID makes the different production stages visible along with the countries in which the textiles were produced.”

The company that calls itself a, “World leader in enabling consumers and business to protect our planet through responsible trading,” notes that consumers have especially high demands of textiles with direct and continuous skin contact, preferring products that are verifiably harmless to health and come from sustainable and socially responsible production facilities; these are the criteria of the label, it points out.

“Every issued label has a unique product ID or QR code, which allows customers to trace the manufacturing route of the respective item and thus make a more informed purchase decision right in the store,” says the company that calls itself a standardized solutions firm.

“Internationally recognized brands and retailers with connected supply chains, such as Macy’s and Costco are increasingly taking advantage of these benefits,” it notes.

Oeko-Tex notes it has more than 25 years of experience bringing sustainable products onto the market. Currently, it adds, 10,000 manufacturers, brands and retailers in 98 countries work with it to ensure that their products are tested for possible harmful chemicals.

Brands and retailers are increasingly relying on relevant labels like Made In Green as a consumer communication tool, it notes.