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AristoCraft Leads Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

OXFORD, Mass. — New England-based AristoCraft Supply is launching a first-of-its-kind promotional program for drycleaners who wish to participate in October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
AristoCraft’s complete marketing program includes posters, counter signage, poly bags and hangers featuring the “Clean to Save a Life” logo, as well as a range of related supplies. “Pink tissue, pink capes, pink garment covers, pink invoice paper,” says AristoCraft vice president Rick Ross. “If you want pink, we’ve got it.”
The company will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these items to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. AristoCraft also encourages cleaners to get involved in the fundraising by selling or giving away “Key to Life” pink silicone bracelets. “We’re providing them at cost,” Ross says. “They can sell them for $1 or $2 and donate the difference.”
About 200 AristoCraft customers have already signed up for the campaign. “Some are going above and beyond just buying the packaging products,” Ross says. One client has pledged 10 cents per shirt; another has volunteered to match customer donations.
In late September, AristoCraft will launch a radio campaign on Boston-based WBZ and other stations throughout New England to help drive customers to participating cleaners. The campaign will not only raise awareness about breast cancer, Ross says, but make customers aware that their local drycleaner is as concerned about them as they are about their wardrobes.
It’s easy for big companies to market themselves on low prices, “but little guys like us have to show value every day,” Ross says. “When you can tie it in with a charity, it’s easy. It’s a charitable effort that’s designed to send consumers to their local drycleaner.”
For more information, visit AristoCraft on the web at or call 800-875-0479.

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