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America’s Best Cleaners Partners with Tailors Association

Collaboration with CTDA to provide training for high-end dry cleaners

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Dry cleaning certification and education agency America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) has recently partnered with the Custom Tailors & Designers Association of America (CTDA).

“These two elite organizations are working together to maintain the artisan skills of garment creation and proper service for our mutual luxury-level clients,” ABC says in its statement. “Together, ABC and CTDA will create a synergistic partnership with their affiliates to provide the best couture care certification and training to bespoke custom clothiers, clothing restoration providers, and high-end dry cleaners.”

CTDA was founded in 1880 in Columbus, Ohio, as a venue where ideas and techniques for design, pattern making, fitting, cutting, and tailoring could be shared and exchanged. CTDA is the oldest continuously operating trade organization in the country, serving the demand for high-quality custom clothing.

“This exclusive partnership adds to America’s Best Cleaners’ mission to be on the leading edge of the finest and most up-to-date fashion trends while training our leaders and team members to maintain the highest standards of care in our industry,” the statement goes on to say. “With our shared commitment, ABC & the CTDA will continue to lead by providing bespoke artisan quality experiences for their shared clientele.”

With its training and certification programs, ABC works with both its affiliates and non-affiliated businesses to assist owners, managers and team members, it says, to reach their full potential while striving for continued personal and professional success.

“The affiliates of both associations will benefit through co-branded events, educational programs, and networking opportunities, “ABC says in its statement, “as we continue to maintain the most elite level of service, garment construction, and maintenance in the world.”

America's Best Cleaners (ABC) partners with Custom Tailors & Designers Association of America  (CTDA)

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