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America’s Best Cleaners Affiliate Meeting Focuses on ‘Human Factor’

SAN FRANCISCO — America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) affiliates recently met in Newport Beach, Calif., for the organization’s three-day, semi-annual group meeting, which focused on the theme of “The Human Factor,” and how to “leverage people power within the drycleaning business.”

Josef Shapiro, owner of Emergent Business and eMyth business coach, was among the event’s featured speakers. Shapiro spoke on the “importance of personal organization and awareness in business development,” sharing tips and exercises on how business owners can better define their own needs in order to set workplace/employee expectations, according to ABC.

Catherine McCann, affiliate of Best Cleaners in Albany, N.Y., discussed “The Evolution of Success,” and the importance of having a structured plan for employee development, and how to define, build, budget and institute a business plan, ABC says.

“Josef and Catherine did a fantastic job in presenting beneficial material within our theme, ‘The Human Factor,’ and facilitating some of the richest discussion we have had,” says Christopher White, ABC executive director. “Exceptional presentations take brainpower, emotion and time, and they both exceeded expectations when sharing their expertise with the affiliates.”

The organization’s own professional team also led discussions during the meeting, which was hosted by local affiliate Kona Cleaners.

White further discussed the topic of employee training and management, while founder Ed D’Elicio spoke on the topic of “designing workspaces and plants to increase human efficiency,” according to ABC. Katherine McGraw Patterson, ABC marketing director, concluded the meeting with a talk on how to use employees as “marketing assets.”

“These are the best dry cleaners from their respective markets,” says D’Elicio, “and these meetings provide an opportunity to come together to share what they’ve learned in their own businesses and to explore business best practices as a group.”


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