ABC Affiliates Convene for Fashion-Focused Group Meeting

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SAN FRANCISCO — America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) affiliates gathered in Newark, N.J., recently for three days of “fashion-focused” presentations and activities, the organization reports.

Hosted by ABC affiliate Moline Kronberg Cleaners of Upper Montclair, N.J., the meeting included presentations by Dave Kerpen of Likeable Media, who introduced his company’s new social media service, Likeable Dry Cleaners; Catherine and Tim McCann, co-owners of Albany, N.Y., affiliate Best Cleaners, who presented their strategies for management planning; and Heather Ziccarelli, co-owner of Pittsburgh affiliate Owl Cleaners, who spoke about her approach to building successful retailer relationships, and introduced the company’s new “white-glove, premium brand,” Owl Premier, ABC reports.

Attendees also got a chance to visit the headquarters of Mel Gambert Custom Shirt Makers.

“Mel’s son, Mitchell, who now runs the business, led the ABC affiliates on a tour of the manufacturing facility, where they were shown the entire bespoke-shirt fabrication process, from fabric selection and pattern cutting, to finish work and packaging,” says ABC. “Mitch also spoke in detail about the current trends and issues in fabric manufacturing, embellishments and buttons, and educated affiliates on common shirt issues and possible corrective measures.”

Attendees also visited the Secaucus, N.J., warehouse and distribution facilities of high-end, couture fashion, short-term rental company, Rent the Runway, with Charles Ickes, Rent the Runway’s vice president of operations, leading a tour.

“ABC affiliates were given a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of Rent the Runway’s 20,000-square-foot facility, including a state-of-the-art, onsite drycleaning plant,” the organization says. “The ABC group not only learned about the company’s rapid turnover and inventory control models, but also picked up unique processing techniques for today’s high-end designer fashions.”


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