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5 Ways Dry Cleaners May Increase Revenue Through Texting (Part 1)

Close the communication gap with your customers

CHICAGO — Your drycleaning business wants to overcome off-season slumps and attract more customers all year round. Customers want a quick way to communicate with your business on their own time, and texting is a great way to close the communication gap.

By enabling business texting for your drycleaning company, you’ll be able to draw more business and further your customer engagement. How? Here, I have five ways you can use texting to increase your revenue while also building a reputation for your business.

1. Text Reminders to Your Customers

Customers have a hard time remembering when pickup actually is. It’s common for customers to forget pickup times, or even how many garments they brought. With texting, you can help your customers remember to collect their things — and pay you for your service. Simply text them something along the lines of:

“Hey, [Name]! Your order is ready for pickup. Remember to collect your [4] garments before we close at 7:00 PM today!”

A gentle nudge can go a long way when it comes to maintaining your business. When you incorporate consistent communication with your customers, you’ll gradually see a difference the more you engage with them.

2. Appeal to a Younger Demographic by Texting Them

The younger generations might not see the need or importance of using a drycleaning service as much as their predecessors have. They might believe that it’s expensive or too time-consuming, or they might not feel their more casual attire needs professional attention.

Chances are the younger crowd might not even know the different services that cleaners provide, such as hemming, tailoring, repair or preservation.

These services can be promoted through text, which is ideal for Generation Z and millennials since they already spend a lot of their time on their phones:

“Good afternoon, [Name]! Just wanted to let you know that we also offer hemming and tailoring services in case you ever wanted to alter your garments.”

“Our preservation services will keep your treasured garments safe from aging for years to come. Text us for more information!”

When you integrate convenience within your business model, you’ll be able to draw a younger crowd and potential customers to your business.

Come back next Tuesday for the conclusion of this article, with the final three tips, including how to turn one-time customers into repeat customers.


5 Ways Dry Cleaners May Increase Revenue Through Texting

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