Tide Dry Cleaners Opens Its First Georgia Store

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DULUTH, Ga. — The first Tide Dry Cleaners franchise in Georgia will have its grand opening this weekend. NDC Group LLC, in collaboration with Procter & Gamble, developed the new store on Buford Highway in this Atlanta suburb.

“When we say ‘Tide Dry Cleaners is changing dry cleaning for good,’ we mean it,” says John Ngan, Tide Dry Cleaners franchisee. “And I can’t wait to show the people of Duluth how we’re changing the dry cleaning experience and their expectations. It really is a different way to dry clean.”

On Saturday, local residents can bring in two items of clothing (excluding outerwear, wedding gowns, leather, and household items) to be cleaned free.

Tide Dry Cleaners customers can take advantage of many unique features, including the convenience of drive-thru concierge services, and access to the “Tide Dry Cleaners Anytime” Program, allowing 24-hour pick-up and drop-off.

Through its partnership with GreenEarth®, and utilization of other Tide® and Procter & Gamble fabric care cleaning solutions for wet and dry cleaning, Tide Dry Cleaners offers “amazing cleaning for a wide range of garments and textiles,” the company says.

“We are very excited to bring our customers in the Atlanta area a new experience in dry cleaning, providing excellent personalized customer service, a superior cleaning performance that delivers outstanding clothing appearance with numerous consumer benefits,” says Andrew Gibson, Tide Dry Cleaners brand manager.

Agile Pursuits Franchising Inc., a wholly owned P&G subsidiary, is leading P&G’s franchising and service business, including Tide Dry Cleaners.



If P&G says it's different, then it's different. They don't have to prove it (just say it). They are the largest marketing company on the planet.

I agree

What can P&G possibly be doing that is so different?  The chemicals are the same the equipment is the same.  Drive through and 24 hour acces effects such a small number of people that these services are insignificant.  I have owned cleaners with all these services and found them to be very costly items that provided no benefit to the bottom line. They sound great, but the customer just doesn't use them.  All the money that P&G can throw at this doen't mean much either, look at Zoots in the east with the money of Staples behind it. 

Tide Dry Cleaner

I don't think the Tide dry cleaning franchise will be successful. As the other commenters have mentioned, there's nothing special that TIDE and P&G is bringing to the table.

My aunt in Florida was gyped into buying into the franchise and is realizing that despite all the promises P&G made her about sales volumes and profitability, it was all just a greedy corporate money grab on their part. The business model just doesn't work, and they charge an arm and a leg for the franchise fees. Now she's seeing others in the franchise looking for a way to pull out. I just hope she can find a way to recoup her losses so it won't be too big a financial burden on the rest of the family.


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