Entrepreneur Launches New Convenience-Centric Dry Cleaning Brand


Carrie Cohen greets Wayne Wudyka
Carrie Cohen (left), property manager at the Lofts @ Woodward Center, greets dry cleaning entrepreneur Wayne Wudyka during his launch party for the bizzie all-in-one cleaning solution. Cohen's Detroit property will be the first building in the nation to offer its residents the locker-based dry cleaning delivery system seen behind them. (Photo by Bruce Beggs)

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DETROIT — Wayne Wudyka, owner of 1-800-DryClean, has launched a new franchise brand—bizzie—which he believes will revolutionize the dry cleaning industry through patented technology and customer convenience.

The all-in-one cleaning solution combines state-of-the-art mobile technology with a convenient locker service. Its three-pronged consumer platform offers home/office laundry pickup and delivery, locker-based delivery, and on-location cleaning for window treatments and upholstery to save busy consumers time.

The on-site lockers, or “bizzie boxes,” operate using smart phone technology and will be installed across the United States and Canada in office buildings, residential communities, multifamily residences and parking structures, according to Wudyka.

He threw a launch party Thursday at the Lofts @ Woodward Center, the first building to offer its residents the bizzie system. Customers will lock their dirty garments in a “bizzie box” and text bizzie their box number to place their order. Once the dry cleaning is ready, bizzie will send a text containing a personalized PIN to enable the customer to retrieve the laundry from their locker on their own schedule.

The 1-800-DryClean chain of cleaners, along with additional new bizzie franchises, will power the new service, according to Wudyka. Territories are available for dry cleaning operators interested in tapping into this new franchise offering, he says.

“In a marketplace where the expense of building and opening a new store can be prohibitive, and where traditional route services can be difficult to grow, bizzie offers dry cleaning professionals the opportunity to diversify their businesses in a cost-effective manner,” Wudyka says. “It’s an unprecedented game changer for the laundry industry and consumers. The days of traditional route service and dropping off clothes at the cleaner are over for the customer.”

Wudyka, through his Clean Brands LLC, owns and operates Huntington Cleaners & Shirt Laundry, Huntington Woods, Mich.; Wesch Cleaners, Birmingham, Mich.; as well as the 1-800-DryClean franchise and the $100 million international brand Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN).

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Bizzie Franchise

Who does Mr. Wayne Wudyka think he is?  Is he trying to make dry cleaners across the United States extinct as has been the fate of Blockbuster?  There is a reason he hangs out in Michigan where the economy is weak and he is in desperate need of an "overnight" succcess or a fast buck.  When he's ready to play with the big boys down here in Texas....we invite him and his bizzie boxes to come on down.   And make sure he brings one of his bizzie boxes filled with lots of luck....he will need it!

Response from bizzie


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on bizzie. I am always open to talking about important issues affecting our industry and welcome the opportunity to provide additional background.

After unveiling the concept, the response I’ve received from many drycleaners has been extremely positive. Progressive and entrepreneurial operators recognize the need to attract and service a changing customer base that is looking for a more convenient way to drop off and pickup their laundry and drycleaning. With bizzie, they will tap into this market and offer a compelling reason to try the service. Additionally, they will not lose their individual company identity. Our franchise agreements allow for co-branding, enabling owners to maintain their existing drycleaning operations while leveraging bizzie’s technology and patented processes to capture and retain new customers. More information on bizzie franchise opportunities can be found here:

Whether the franchise is located in Dallas, Des Moines or Detroit, we hope to make bizzie a core part of their business for years to come. Our philosophy has always been to build from within, strengthening existing businesses through diversification and building brand equity. With bizzie, operators can leverage core competencies while adding a high level of supporting infrastructure—comprised of IT, marketing, customer service, training and national account development—that none of us could accomplish on our own.

Additionally, all major business segments have national franchise systems, whether hospitality, food service, automotive, financial services, etc. In fact, the International Franchise Association published a study reporting the Gross Domestic Product of franchised businesses at $1.2 trillion, with more than 17 million jobs related to franchised businesses. From our perspective, the entry of bizzie as a national brand is very timely for the drycleaning industry.

For any readers who might be curious to learn more about bizzie, feel free to contact us at 248-654-7000 (press 4) or by visiting

Wayne M. Wudyka
Owner, Clean Brands International, LLC

Another franchise - Why?

Dry Cleanerws are better off promoting their own brand by providing good service and if they want to "reach out to new customers", they can with a concession in a supermarket, convenience store, office building or apartment building with their OWN eAnytime mobile, non-fixed capital investment, Professional Cleaning Service DropOff & PickUp station which is a cost effective alternative to a staffed drop-store and a significant enhancement over a single stop pick up & delivery route!


Lockers are WAY too prohibitive to offer in my area. Plus, how many businesses think that simply making theire customers download ANOTHER app on their smartphone is the key to riches? Consumers want simplicity, not additional complications.


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